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Leigh Calvert’s Exclusive Guide to the Best Places to Stay in Dallas, Texas

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  • 20 Nov, 2023
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In this exclusive guide, discover the unparalleled insights of Leigh Calvert, a distinguished expert in the Dallas real estate market. With an extensive understanding of the city’s neighborhoods and property landscape, Leigh brings a wealth of knowledge to those seeking the best places to stay in Dallas whether it’s a permanent home or just a vacation stay. 

Focusing specifically on short-term accommodations, including Dallas hotels and Airbnbs, this guide is tailored to individuals looking for a curated and memorable experience in the heart of Texas. Leigh Calvert’s proficiency in the local real estate scene ensures a unique perspective, offering readers personalized recommendations for accommodations that align with their preferences and needs.

As the key to an unforgettable stay often lies in choosing the right lodging, this article emphasizes Leigh Calvert’s top picks.

Overview of Dallas

Dallas is a lively city situated in Texas and offers an exciting travel experience. It beckons visitors to explore its diverse mix of culture, history, and contemporary appeal. In this comprehensive overview, we will delve into what makes Dallas an absolute must-visit city.

Introduction to Dallas as a Travel Destination

Dallas is a city that combines the southern essence with cosmopolitan energy, making it an attractive travel destination. The city offers a delightful mix of history, arts, and a flourishing culinary scene. Boasting a diverse landscape that caters to a wide range of interests, Dallas is home to both an iconic skyline and sprawling green spaces. Whether you are a history buff, an art enthusiast, or a foodie, Dallas has something to offer that will enrich your experience.

What Are Some Key Attractions and Events in the City?

The city unfolds a myriad of attractions and events that capture the nature of Dallas. Explore the renowned Dallas Arts District, a cultural hub housing world-class museums and theaters. Delve into the city’s historical significance at Dealey Plaza, home to the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, commemorating the life of President John F. Kennedy. Embrace the Texan spirit at the State Fair of Texas, an annual extravaganza featuring live music, rides, and, of course, delectable fried treats.

When exploring the city of Dallas, a range of attractions awaits, promising a rich tapestry of experiences. The Dallas Arboretum, with its stunning botanical displays and serene landscapes, provides a tranquil escape within the bustling city. The Katy Trail, a beloved urban pathway, offers an ideal space for outdoor enthusiasts to stroll or cycle amidst scenic views. 

For sports aficionados, the American Airlines Center is a must-visit, hosting thrilling games and events. Venturing a bit further into the metroplex, the iconic AT&T Stadium beckons, serving as the battleground for the Dallas Cowboys.

Meanwhile, Globe Life Field, home to the 2023 World Series champions, the Texas Rangers, stands as a testament to the city’s sports prowess. Whether indulging in nature’s beauty, pursuing an active lifestyle, or cheering for your favorite sports team, Dallas’s diverse attractions ensure there’s something for every taste and interest.

Diverse Neighborhoods and Their Offerings

Dallas’s appeal lies in its eclectic neighborhoods, each with its own personality and offerings. Uptown has trendy boutiques and a lively nightlife, while Deep Ellum, an artsy district, pulsates with creativity and live music. Oak Cliff and the upscale allure of Highland Park showcase the city’s diverse character. Leigh Calvert’s guide looks into these neighborhoods, providing insights into their distinctive features and helping you tailor your stay to match your preferences. Whether you’re seeking cultural immersion, family-friendly locales, or trendy urban living, Dallas’s neighborhoods offer you a smorgasbord of experiences.

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Downtown Dallas Hotels

Downtown Dallas stands as the core of the city, and its hotels embody luxury, sophistication, and proximity to some of the city’s most iconic landmarks.When it comes to accommodation in Dallas, certain hotels stand out for their exceptional offerings and renowned prestige. The Omni Dallas Hotel, a symbol of contemporary luxury, impresses with its sophisticated design and proximity to the Dallas Convention Center. The Adolphus, a historic gem, holds the distinction of hosting esteemed guests, including Queen Elizabeth II, making it a regal choice for those seeking a touch of elegance. 

Additionally, the Hall Arts Hotel seamlessly blends modern artistry with upscale amenities, creating a refined atmosphere in the heart of the Arts District. Each of these establishments, from the Omni Dallas Hotel’s contemporary allure to The Adolphus’s historical significance and the Hall Arts Hotel’s artistic ambiance, contributes to the diverse tapestry of exceptional accommodations available in Dallas.

Luxury Options and Iconic Landmarks

Downtown Dallas stands as the epitome of sophistication, hosting a collection of hotels that redefine luxury. Among them, The Joule and The Ritz-Carlton are shining examples, blending opulent accommodations with Dallas’s iconic landmarks. The Joule, situated in a meticulously restored neo-Gothic building, offers an extravagant experience complemented by a rooftop pool that overlooks the city. The Ritz-Carlton, synonymous with refinement, provides guests with an indulgent stay while being in close proximity to historical landmarks like the Reunion Tower and Dealey Plaza.

Are Downtown Dallas Hotels Close to Business Centers and Attractions?

For business travelers, Downtown Dallas hotels serve as strategic hubs with proximity and walking distance to major business centers. The Statler, for instance, stands out with its contemporary style and proximity to the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. These hotels not only cater to the needs of business professionals but also position leisure travelers within walking distance of the Dallas Arts District and attractions like the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

Here Are Leigh Calvert’s Recommendations for Business and Leisure Travelers

As an esteemed figure in Dallas real estate, Leigh Calvert brings her insider knowledge to hotel recommendations. For business travelers, she advocates for The Fairmont Dallas, seamlessly blending executive amenities with a prime location. Leisure travelers can rely on Leigh’s guidance for a stay at The Adolphus Hotel, a historic gem immersed in elegance and cultural richness. Leigh Calvert ensures that each recommendation aligns with the specific needs of both business and leisure travelers, adding a personalized touch to every stay.

Uptown and Arts District Hotels in Dallas

Boutique Hotels and Artsy Accommodations

Uptown and the Arts District introduce a different facet of Dallas, characterized by boutique hotels and artsy accommodations. The Canvas Hotel Dallas, a vibrant and modern space, epitomizes the eclectic charm of Uptown. These hotels offer a unique blend of contemporary design and artistic influences in guest rooms, providing guests with an immersive experience that reflects the dynamic culture of these neighborhoods.

Access to Cultural Venues and Upscale Dining

Staying in Uptown or the Arts District means immersing oneself in Dallas’s cultural scene. Hotels like The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas in Uptown, position guests near cultural venues like the Dallas Museum of Art and the Winspear Opera House. Upscale dining options abound, allowing visitors to savor the culinary delights that define these neighborhoods.

Personalized Insights from Leigh Calvert for Arts Enthusiasts

For arts enthusiasts, Leigh Calvert offers personalized insights into Uptown and Arts District hotels that align with their passion. Whether it’s the intimate setting of Hotel ZaZa in Uptown or the artsy vibes of The Joule in the Arts District, Leigh’s recommendations ensure that guests are not only surrounded by creativity but also have access to the best cultural experiences Dallas has to offer.

Budget-Friendly Options

Finding a good Dallas hotel can be simple, just follow Leigh Calvert’s recommendations and you’ll be on your way to staying at some of the best hotels in Dallas.

Affordable Hotels in and Around Dallas

Dallas caters to budget-conscious travelers with a variety of affordable hotel accommodation options. Chain hotels like Holiday Inn Express and Comfort Suites provide comfortable stays without breaking the bank. These hotels are strategically located in and around Dallas, ensuring that budget-conscious travelers can still enjoy the city’s offerings.

Family-Friendly Accommodations

Budget-friendly options extend to family-friendly accommodations, recognizing the needs of travelers with children. Hotels like Hyatt Place Dallas North by the Galleria offer spacious rooms and amenities suitable for families. Leigh Calvert’s recommendations virgin hotels in this category prioritize not just affordability but also comfort and family-friendly features.

Leigh Calvert’s Tips for Finding Value in Budget Stays

Leigh Calvert shares valuable tips for those seeking value in budget stays. From leveraging loyalty programs to booking during off-peak seasons, her insights empower travelers to make informed decisions. While emphasizing affordability, Leigh ensures that hist tips encompass quality and a positive lodging experience.

Dallas’s diverse hotel offerings cater to every traveler’s preferences and budget constraints from a luxury hotel to quaint stays, all are on the list. Leigh Calvert’s recommendations add a layer of personalization and expertise, ensuring that whether in the heart of Downtown, the chic Uptown, or exploring budget-friendly options, visitors have a seamless and memorable stay in the dynamic city of Dallas.

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Vacation Rentals for Groups

When accommodating families or large groups in Dallas, spacious vacation rentals offer a unique and comfortable alternative. With his keen insight into the Dallas real estate market, Leigh Calvert provides invaluable advice on finding the perfect group accommodation. Whether attending events at the Dallas Market Center, located at the heart of the city center’s business and trade activities or exploring the nearby attractions like the iconic Reunion Tower, Leigh ensures that the chosen rental aligns seamlessly with the group’s needs.

Considerations for group travel extend beyond space, and amenities play a crucial role. Leigh recommends rentals equipped with fitness centers, ideal for those looking to maintain their workout routine. For a refreshing experience, accommodations with outdoor pools add a touch of leisure to the stay. If a luxury hotel is the preference, options like the Omni Dallas Hotel, known for its sophistication and proximity to the Dallas Convention Center, are highlighted. Leigh’s curated advice ensures that group travelers not only find spacious lodgings but also enjoy a convenient and memorable stay in the dynamic city of Dallas.

All About The Accommodations Near Major Attractions

Proximity to Tourist Hotspots

Selecting accommodations near major attractions is key for a truly immersive experience in Dallas. Consider staying close to iconic landmarks like the Dallas Zoo or the Dallas Arboretum to make the most of your visit. These attractions offer a glimpse into the city’s natural beauty and a chance to engage with its vibrant cultural scene.

Staying near the Dallas Zoo or the Dallas Arboretum

Opting for accommodations near the Dallas Zoo or the Dallas Arboretum ensures that travelers are conveniently located near two of the city’s most cherished attractions. The Dallas Zoo’s diverse animal exhibits and the Dallas Arboretum, featuring stunning botanical displays, provide a delightful escape into nature.

Leigh Calvert’s Suggestions for Convenience and Accessibility

Leigh Calvert, leveraging his expertise in the Dallas real estate market, recommends accommodations that offer proximity to tourist hotspots, convenience, and accessibility. He suggests places such as strategically located hotels or vacation rentals equipped with transportation options and guest rooms, making it easy for visitors to explore these attractions and beyond.

Balancing Proximity with Tranquility in Accommodation Choices

While proximity to the city views major attractions is crucial, so is finding a balance with tranquility. Leigh Calvert emphasizes the importance of accommodation choices that offer a peaceful retreat after a day of exploration. This could involve opting for hotels or rentals in serene neighborhoods, ensuring that guests can enjoy the vibrancy of Dallas’s attractions and the serenity of their lodgings.

Choosing some of the best hotels near major attractions in Dallas enhances the overall travel experience. With Leigh Calvert’s guidance, visitors not only gain proximity to tourist hotspots like the Dallas Zoo and the Dallas Arboretum but also enjoy the convenience, accessibility, and tranquility needed for a memorable stay in this dynamic city.

Hotel room card at reception desk.

Tips for Booking the Perfect Stay

Booking the perfect stay is not as difficult as you think it would be. Most of the time you’ll want to enquire about what you’re being offered before making the booking. You will want to check out whether the place has an outdoor pool or an indoor pool, a fitness center, or if it has free wifi and is pet friendly.

Timing and Seasonal Considerations

When booking the perfect stay in Dallas, timing is key. Understanding the high and low seasons allows travelers to tailor their visit to their preferences. High seasons, often during events or favorable weather, may increase demand for accommodations. Conversely, exploring during the low season can offer more budget-friendly options and a quieter experience.

High and Low Seasons in Dallas

Dallas experiences high tourism seasons during major events like conferences, festivals, and favorable weather periods. Identifying these peak times helps travelers plan accordingly, ensuring they enjoy the buzz of activity or capitalize on quieter moments for a more relaxed visit.

Special Events Impacting Accommodation Availability

Special events, such as conferences at the Dallas Convention Center or festivals like the State Fair of Texas, significantly impact accommodation availability. Awareness of these events allows visitors to secure their lodgings well in advance, ensuring a seamless and stress-free stay.

Advice on Securing the Best Deals

Providing valuable insights on securing the best deals for accommodations, the recommendation is to leverage off-peak periods for budget-friendly rates or capitalize on special promotions during events. Considerations may also include opting for mid-week stays or utilizing loyalty programs to enhance the overall value of the booking.

Going through the timing and seasonal considerations is crucial when booking the perfect stay in Dallas. Understanding the ebb and flow of tourism allows travelers to make strategic choices for a truly memorable visit.


In conclusion, finding hotels in Dallas requires a thoughtful approach, considering factors such as location, amenities, and seasonal considerations. From the luxury options and iconic landmarks in Downtown Dallas hotels to the boutique and artsy accommodations in Uptown and the Arts District, the city offers diverse stays to suit various preferences and budgets.

Travelers can also explore budget-friendly options and vacation rentals for groups, ensuring a personalized experience tailored to their needs. Proximity to major attractions, such as the Dallas Zoo or the Dallas Arboretum, adds a layer of convenience. At the same time, strategic timing and awareness of events can impact the availability and pricing of accommodations. We can’t wait for you to stay at your favorite Dallas hotel.

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