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  • 20 Nov, 2023
Homes for Sale in Dallas, Texas

Why Dallas is an Ideal City for New Homebuyers

Dallas is a splendid city that blends the rich history of the South and vibrant modernity. The fusion of modern and traditional creates an unparalleled living experience for homebuyers who desire a little bit of Southern hospitality in their city lifestyle. 

Dallas is also world-famous for its vibrant art scene, sports, and entertainment. There is no shortage of fun outdoor activities for you and your family while living in the city.

But perhaps what sets Dallas apart from other cities in the South is its ability to provide luxury living at affordable prices. In recent years, this balance of elegance and value positioned Dallas as an ideal choice for new homebuyers. 

Dallas, Texas realtor, Leigh Calvert helps new homebuyers find incredible homes for sale in the city. He is an award-winning real estate agent with Briggs Freeman/ Sotheby’s International Realty. In five years, Leigh has closed deals on 300 homes for homebuyers and sellers. Schedule a free consultation with Leigh if you are in the market for a home in Dallas, Texas. 

Overview of the Dallas Real Estate Market

The Dallas real estate market offers a compelling blend of affordability and luxury. The median sale price for a home in Dallas in 2023 has hovered above $420,000. This is slightly higher than the national average, but still affordable compared to other large Southern cities like Austin, Miami, and Atlanta.

Actual home values will vary considerably depending on factors such as house type and location, but a competitively lower median price positions Dallas as a more affordable option for homebuyers seeking upscale living without the inflated price tags often found in similar markets.

The Appeal of Affordable Luxury in Dallas

Affordable Luxury Home in Dallas, Texas

Luxury in Dallas is defined by meticulous attention to detail and exquisite finishes. Expect homes adorned with hardwood flooring, custom cabinetry, and top-tier appliances in gourmet kitchens. Spa-like bathrooms with deluxe fixtures, soaking tubs, and spacious walk-in showers are commonplace. 

The living spaces are enhanced by intricate crown molding and coffered ceilings, while advanced smart home systems offer unparalleled convenience. These homes often feature grand entrances, wine cellars, and entertainment areas, embodying upscale materials and craftsmanship. In cities like Austin and Miami, prices for homes with such amenities will be considerably inflated due to the demand for luxury properties in those locations. But, that is not the case in Dallas. To put this into perspective, the most expensive home in Dallas to ever be sold was valued at $60,000,000 in 2023. This is still quite modest to the $170 million asking price for Miami’s most expensive home.

How Dallas is Wooing New Homebuyers

Homebuyers in Dallas, Texas

I. Economic Landscape of Dallas

Dallas has a robust job market and is one of the best cities in the South to do business.

This makes the city an attractive destination for new homebuyers. The Texas Employment Forecast for 2023 paints a promising picture, with a projected job growth rate of 1.4%, adding approximately 193,000 jobs to the state. 

This growth is broad-based, spanning various sectors, including energy, leisure, hospitality, and information services. Such diversity in employment opportunities speaks volumes about the city’s economic resilience and dynamism, inviting young professionals and entrepreneurs alike to make Dallas their home​​.

II. Lifestyle and Community

Dallas, often affectionately called the Big D, offers a lifestyle rich in cultural, educational, and recreational activities. It boasts a diverse mix of entertainment options, with over 300 venues for live music, more than 10 film festivals annually, and a thriving urban arts district. 

Education in Dallas stands tall with nationally-ranked schools, appealing to families prioritizing academic excellence. Recreational activities are plentiful, from the bustling atmosphere of Deep Ellum’s music and arts scene to the tranquil surroundings of White Rock Lake. The city’s lifestyle offerings ensure that whether you’re a sports lover cheering for the Dallas Cowboys, a student of culture exploring the Bishop Arts District, or a family enjoying a day

III. Dallas City Amenities

Additionally, the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area benefits from a lack of state income tax in Texas, further enhancing the financial appeal for potential residents. The city’s infrastructure, including efficient public transit, complements the affordability of homes, making Dallas a magnet for those seeking high-quality living without the hefty price tag associated with similar homes in other cities.

Talk to Local Dallas Realtor, Leah Calvert, about Homes for Sale in Dallas

The Dallas property market has become extremely competitive over the past few years. The demand for affordable luxury homes and the attractive Southern lifestyle has made it a little difficult to quickly find a home with great value.

Choosing the right real estate agent in the Dallas market is important for new homebuyers. Leigh Calvert has home buying and selling experience honed since 2015. His client-focused approach, combined with his profound knowledge of the Dallas real estate market, ensures that whether you are buying or selling property, you receive insightful guidance tailored to your unique needs.

Talk to Leigh about your home aspirations and timelines. Find your ideal home in Dallas today. 

Homebuyer Questions about Living in Dallas, Texas

1. How much does a house cost in Dallas Texas?

In 2023, the median home price in Dallas fluctuated between $450,000 and $480,000. Actual home prices will vary depending on home type and location demand. If you are in the market for an affordable luxury home in Dallas, contact a local real estate agent today.

2. Is it cheaper to buy or rent in Dallas?

Leah Calvert, an award-winning luxury homes realtor advises that purchasing a home seems more cost-effective in the long term. For example, over 20 years, the net cost of buying a home (considering down payment, mortgage payments, repair costs, property taxes, and homeowners insurance) is approximately $41,780, whereas the total cost of renting for the same period is $480,000​

3. How much do you need to live comfortably in Dallas?

For a family of four, the estimated monthly cost of living in Dallas is around $6,135, while a single person may need approximately $3,688 per month

4. What are the daily home expenses living in Dallas, Texas?

Food expenses vary, with a basic lunch in the business district costing around $21, and a combo meal at a fast-food restaurant priced at about $9. Grocery items like boneless chicken breast, milk, eggs, and fruits have specific prices listed​​.

Housing costs depend on the location and size of the accommodation, with monthly rent for a furnished 85 square-meter apartment in an expensive area being around $3,247, and in a normal area about $2,324. Utility costs for such an apartment average about $226 per month​

5. How does Dallas compare to Houston, Texas?

Overall, Dallas is a little more expensive than Houston. The median home cost in Dallas is 10 – 19% higher than in Houston, contributing to the overall cost of living difference. But, the cost of living is justified considering what you get as a resident of the city. 

The quality of living is higher, the city has favorable income tax policies, and some of the best social amenities in the country like school districts and recreational parks. 

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