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Most Affordable Cities for Your Dream Home in Texas: Insights from Leigh Calvert, Your Expert Realtor

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  • 20 Nov, 2023
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In the vast landscape of the Texas real estate market, prospective homebuyers often find themselves steering through a myriad of options. As the pursuit of homeownership unfolds, the pivotal element of affordability takes center stage, influencing decisions and shaping dreams.

This article guides those seeking not just a home in Texas but an affordable haven to call their own. At the helm of this exploration is Leigh Calvert, a seasoned and trusted realtor with a wealth of experience in matching clients with their dream homes. As a knowledgeable and personable professional, Leigh understands the importance of not just finding a house but ensuring it becomes a home where dreams prosper.

Come along as we look into the Texas real estate scene, explore the cheapest cities to live in Texas, uncover the significance of affordability, and glean insights from Leigh Calvert on how to turn your homeownership aspirations into reality.

Understanding the Texas Real Estate Landscape

The Texas real estate market is an ever-evolving landscape shaped by various factors that dictate the ebb and flow of housing trends. The Lone Star state has a real estate environment characterized by a blend of urban sophistication and sprawling suburban character. With diverse cities and regions, each offering a striking appeal, Texas presents an array of options for potential homeowners. However, understanding this vast landscape requires a keen insight into the factors influencing housing prices. From economic indicators and median home prices to population growth and interest rates, the intricacies of Texas real estate are multifaceted.

Recent trends in homebuying highlight a growing demand for affordability without compromising on quality. As more individuals seek to fulfill the dream of homeownership, the market has responded with innovative solutions to cater to a broad spectrum of budgets. Navigating through these trends, prospective buyers must stay informed and adaptable.

Leigh Calvert: Your Trusted Realtor

Leigh Calvert, associated with Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty, is an exceptional realtor whose diverse background and expertise contribute to his success in the Texas real estate arena.

Originally from England, Leigh brings a unique blend of customer service, sales, and sports management experience. Having worked in fan engagement with professional soccer teams in England and the United States, including a stint with the record-setting Portland Timbers ticketing department, Leigh transitioned to real estate in 2015.

Since joining the industry, Leigh’s achievements have been remarkable. Named a Top Producer within two years, he has consistently held this title since 2017. RealTrends recognized him in 2019 and 2020 as a top-performing individual agent.

Accolades do not merely measure Leigh’s success; he has facilitated over 300 transactions in the past five years, averaging $26 million in sales annually, well below the Texas average home price.

Clients value Leigh’s interpersonal skills, availability, work ethic, and market knowledge. He prioritizes clients’ interests, delivering excellence through a network of relationships that continues to yield positive results. Currently residing in Collin County, Leigh serves clients throughout the Dallas Metro area, embodying the commitment to excellence associated with Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty.

Leigh’s approach to finding affordable homes for clients is rooted in his dedication to understanding their needs. Specializing in various real estate categories, including first-time buyers, new construction, relocation, investment properties, land, and downsizing/upsizing, Leigh tailors his services to guide clients seamlessly through home buying.

Leigh’s mantra is to sell homes and ensure each client’s experience is memorable and tailored to their specific needs, providing options well below the Texas average home price in some of the cheapest cities and regions, including North Central Texas and San Antonio.

Leigh Calvert on real estate in Texas.

What Are The Key Considerations in Choosing Your Dream Home?

Selecting your dream home in Texas involves carefully exploring various factors to ensure a perfect match for your lifestyle and preferences. One of the primary considerations is the location. Whether you aspire to be in the bustling heart of a city or seek the tranquility of suburban life, the choice of location significantly impacts your overall living experience. An essential tip is exploring areas with diverse amenities and community features, from parks and schools to shopping centers and cultural attractions.

Size and layout play pivotal roles in crafting the ideal living space. Assess your current and future needs, considering factors like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the overall flow of the home. It’s essential to strike a balance between spaciousness and coziness.

As you embark on your home search, integrating the concept of future resale value is strategic. Seek properties in neighborhoods with a history of appreciation, ensuring a solid investment. This approach not only secures your current living situation but also safeguards your financial interests in the long run.

Throughout this process, keep in mind the significance of average rent trends in your desired area. Monitoring average rent levels helps gauge the overall cost of living and provides insights into the broader real estate market. By considering these factors conscientiously, you can navigate the Texas real estate landscape with confidence, making informed decisions that align with both your immediate desires and future aspirations.

How To Find The Most Affordable Cities in Texas?

Finding an affordable home in Texas involves exploring the diverse and successful cities that offer economic opportunity and a comfortable living experience. In our in-depth analysis of the most affordable cities, we look into fundamental aspects that make these locations stand out in the Texas real estate landscape.

Examining housing market trends is crucial for prospective homebuyers. The most affordable cities often exhibit stable markets with steady growth, making them attractive for investment and homeownership. Understanding these trends enables individuals to make informed decisions, ensuring their chosen city aligns with long-term goals.

Average home prices play a pivotal role in the affordability equation. You must consider the current prices and their historical trajectory, providing valuable insights into potential future appreciation. This information equips homebuyers with the knowledge to secure a property that fits their budget and promises a sound investment.

Highlighting the unique characteristics of neighborhoods within these cities is essential. Whether it’s the accessibility of amenities, the quality of schools, or the overall community atmosphere, these factors contribute to the desirability of a location. By exploring these highlights, potential homebuyers can pinpoint the neighborhoods that align with their preferences and lifestyles.

The most affordable cities in Texas offer a blend of economic viability, community appeal, and a promising real estate landscape. Through a comprehensive analysis of housing trends, average home prices, and neighborhood highlights, coupled with Leigh Calvert’s expert insights, prospective homebuyers can confidently navigate the Texas real estate market, ensuring they find a house and a place to call home.

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Navigating the Buying Process with Leigh Calvert

Making your way through the complex terrain of the home-buying process becomes a seamless and rewarding journey with the expertise of Leigh Calvert, a trusted realtor specializing in South Texas. For those aspiring to secure affordable living in major cities like El Paso, Leigh offers a step-by-step guide that demystifies the intricacies of real estate transactions.

Leigh starts by conducting a comprehensive needs analysis, understanding each client’s unique requirements and financial parameters. Drawing from his extensive knowledge of South Texas, he then identifies neighborhoods with affordable living options, comparing the cost of living to national averages. Whether it’s El Paso or any other populous city, Leigh ensures his clients are well-informed about the estimated living wage and average prices, offering transparency and insight into the local market dynamics.

As a seasoned professional, Leigh guides clients through the selection process and provides strategic advice on negotiating and securing a good deal. Leveraging his expertise, he explores the cheapest places within major cities and South Texas, employing market insights to help clients make sound investment decisions. Leigh’s commitment to affordable living is evident in his ability to identify and showcase the most affordable places that align with the unique needs of his clients.

Understanding that the cost of living is a critical factor, Leigh goes beyond national averages, providing a localized perspective that considers the specific economic landscape of each major city. His goal is to ensure that clients find the cheapest places and secure homes that meet their long-term financial objectives.

Leigh’s dedication to affordable living extends to facilitating a seamless buying process. From neighborhood selection to closing the deal, his hands-on approach ensures clients confidently navigate the entire United States real estate market. With Leigh Calvert as your guide, searching for affordable places in South Texas becomes a personalized, informed, and successful endeavor.

The Top Three Cheapest Cities To Live In Texas

In the vast expanse of Texas, Breckenridge, Beaumont, and Wichita Falls stand out as the top three cheapest cities to live in, each offering unique advantages for those seeking affordable living. In Breckenridge, nestled in the heart of North Texas, the average price of homes aligns with the city’s commitment to affordability. With a cost of living below national averages, residents enjoy the appeal of a small town without sacrificing financial feasibility.

Beaumont, located in southeast Texas, is another cost-effective gem. Beaumont balances economic stability and a comfortable lifestyle by boasting an average price catering to budget-conscious individuals. The city’s diverse amenities and proximity to the Gulf Coast contribute to its allure as an affordable living destination.

Wichita Falls, situated in North Texas, rounds out the trio as a city where the average price of homes makes it one of the cheapest places in the state. Known for its welcoming community and low cost of living, Wichita Falls provides residents with a high quality of life without breaking the bank. As these three cities exemplify, affordable living in Texas is not just a possibility; it’s a tangible reality, with each location offering a unique blend of affordability and quality of life.


  1. According to Leigh Calvert’s expertise, which Texas city offers the lowest cost of living?
    According to Leigh Calvert’s expertise, the Texas city offering the lowest cost of living is Wichita Falls.
  2. In Leigh Calvert’s real estate experience, is Texas generally considered an affordable state to live in?
    In Leigh Calvert’s real estate experience, Texas is generally considered an affordable state to live in, with various cities providing cost-effective living options.
  3. Guided by Leigh Calvert’s real estate insights, where can one find the most budget-friendly houses in Texas?
    Guided by Leigh Calvert’s real estate insights, the most budget-friendly houses in Texas can often be found in cities like Breckenridge, Beaumont, and Wichita Falls.
  4. Is it a wise move to consider relocating to Texas?
    Leigh Calvert shares his thoughts and real estate expertise. Leigh Calvert believes that relocating to Texas can be a wise move, backed by his real estate expertise. The state’s overall affordability and diverse housing options make it an attractive destination.


In conclusion, navigating the Texas real estate landscape for an affordable dream home is a journey paved with insightful considerations and the expertise of a seasoned realtor like Leigh Calvert. Throughout this exploration, we’ve uncovered the diverse and cost-effective opportunities in the most affordable cities, including insights from Leigh on key factors like average prices and local dynamics.

Recapping key points, we’ve emphasized the significance of location, size, amenities, and future resale value in choosing the perfect home. Leigh Calvert’s role in this process is crucial, bringing a wealth of experience and a dedication to finding affordable living solutions for his clients, whether in major cities or hidden gems.

As you embark on your home buying journey, consider Leigh’s strategic approach, tailoring his services to your unique needs. From first-time buyers to those seeking investment properties or downsizing, Leigh’s expertise extends across various real estate specialties. Don’t merely find a house; discover a home that resonates with your aspirations.

In taking the following steps, we encourage you to leverage Leigh Calvert’s proficiency, turning your homeownership dreams into a tangible reality. With his guidance, pursuing an affordable home in Texas becomes a transaction and a personalized and memorable experience. Embrace the exciting possibilities that await you, confident in the expertise of Leigh Calvert, your trusted partner in the journey towards homeownership.

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